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Roelofs & Rubens' virtual trade fair adventures

With the country still in lockdown (although there is light at the end of the tunnel) and all the spring trade fairs cancelled, we grabbed the opportunity to take part in Springfair 2021 Virtual Showroom Online and Scotland’s Trade Fairs Online trade shows.

The first event was Springfair 2021 Virtual Showroom that ran from 6-10 February. We went through a steep learning curve uploading images and editing text to fit exactly in the designated boxes. This was especially difficult for us arty folks with strong opinions about how things should look.

Positioned snugly between several hundred colleagues, we and our wares were ‘showcased’ during the four day event and surprisingly landed a few new customers and a handful of potential leads. This was by all means quite an accomplishment.

The other show we took part in was the Scotland’s Trade Fairs Online.

There was a lot more to this event. Besides presenting ourselves online we also agreed to the 30-minute live event as part of the virtual trade fair.

For this 30-minute live gig we had to produce an extra video showing our “trade stand”. That was quite an undertaking. We rebuilt parts of our stand in the front room, wrestled with lights and soft boxes, wrote a script and somehow had to stick to that script as in learning the lines and performing them in a natural way…hahaha, no acting skills lost in both of us.

On top of that we had to calm a dog that desperately wanted to participate in the pheasant shoot going on outside in the field behind our house and also to shut up two Uni students in lockdown barging in and asking where to find noodles, protein shakers and clean socks.

But we overcame all of that and made a quirky little video (90 seconds) about out collections and launched our new exquisite delft blue highland cow.

Then the day of the live presentation came…. or almost not came…. Monty somehow had the date wrong and we were all set up for action in our hallway/stockroom/stand materials storage area one day too early!!!

After an apologetic Social Media rectification blitz we were finally ready to go on the right time and day. We showed our videos and did the online interview and we even managed to get through the event without too much damage to our pride and also gained a few new customers as a result. Happy days!

In short; do have a look at the new blue highland cow and yes, a Nessy is in the pipeline!

Our information will be on the Scotland’s Trade Fairs website for another few months.

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