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Meet the Profanities……

It’s fair to say that this year hasn’t been the easiest of years for anyone – it’s been one full of worry, sadness and a lot of frustration.

Here at Roelofs & Rubens, we decided that we wanted to find a way for you all to get one over on the year of 2020, through displaying our new range of decorations which we are launching today, just in time for Christmas.

Meet The Profanities…


Our speech bubble decorations, with five different profanities to choose from, are a fun way to let go of some of those pent up worries and frustrations from this year with a decoration for the tree or to be hung up all year round if you fancy.

A great keepsake which will make excellent stocking fillers for the grown-ups, or secret Santa gifts for friends and colleagues. We think they’re a lot of fun and will surely resonate with everyone.

The Profanities are available from our Webshop and Etsy shop.

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White Dog Gallery Decorations

Despite the fact that many shops and businesses are in lockdown, we are still working very closely with many places ready for when the country resumes normality and we are all looking for things to raise our spirits again.

One of these fab businesses is White Dog Gallery, a family run gallery who have premises in both Lee on Solent and Southsea. They have a fantastic range of local art, gifts and greetings cards, as well as offering picture framing and fine art printing.

White Dog Gallery have just received their first batch of bespoke decorations from us; featuring the Spinnaker Tower and South Parade Pier decorations, created just for them.

We don’t yet know when the Gallery will be open to the public again, but as soon as they are these fab decorations will be available to purchase from either of their galleries!

Visit their website at

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Mackenzie’s Farm Shop and Café decorations

In these bleak days of lockdown we are all looking for something to cheer us up and our latest delivery of bespoke decorations exclusive to Mackenzie’s Farm Shop are bound to bring a smile to the lovely folk of the Shetland Isles.

New additions to their collection are charming Fair Isle Jumper-wearing Otters casually bobbing along on their backs, a very special decoration of the Shetland Crofthouse and a one of the Shetland’s native Heath Spotted Orchid.

Most of us are not lucky enough to be spending lockdown in the peaceful, beautiful Scottish Isles, but those living on Shetland will be able to buy the new Roelofs & Rubens collection from Mackenzie’s very now!

Find them online at:

Find the Farm Shop at: 9HA, Aithsetter, Cunningsburgh ZE2 9HA

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The ‘Firing Shed’

Kilns are where the magic of pottery happens. The process of firing turns clay into ceramics and a raw work of art into a finished masterpiece. While early kilns consisted of a bonfire over a hole in the ground, technology has vastly improved to create sophisticated ceramic kilns.

Our kiln is housed in the ‘Firing Shed’ (which is located in our garden!) and an essential part of the manufacture of all our beautiful and unique handmade decorations, tableware and tiles.

How a ceramic piece is fired has a huge impact on the look of the finished result. Firing is a craft in itself, and requires an open mind and a good deal of experimentation. This is a skilled job and luckily we have Monty who has mastered the method!