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Meet the Profanities……

It’s fair to say that this year hasn’t been the easiest of years for anyone – it’s been one full of worry, sadness and a lot of frustration.

Here at Roelofs & Rubens, we decided that we wanted to find a way for you all to get one over on the year of 2020, through displaying our new range of decorations which we are launching today, just in time for Christmas.

Meet The Profanities…


Our speech bubble decorations, with five different profanities to choose from, are a fun way to let go of some of those pent up worries and frustrations from this year with a decoration for the tree or to be hung up all year round if you fancy.

A great keepsake which will make excellent stocking fillers for the grown-ups, or secret Santa gifts for friends and colleagues. We think they’re a lot of fun and will surely resonate with everyone.

The Profanities are available from our Webshop and Etsy shop.

Beaulieu Palace House
Cawdor Castle
Kelmscott Manor
Kew Gardens Palm House
Christ Church College Tom Tower
Danby Gate Oxford
Paisley Abbey
Wells Cathedral
Perth Museum
Perth Art Gallery
Wooden Rollercoaster
Steel Drop Rollercoaster
Loop-the-Loop Rollercoaster
Gretna Green Blacksmiths
The Shrine Walsingham
Fair Isle Jumper Stretcher
Peerie Shop Lerwick
Divinity School Oxford
St Machar's Cathedral
Doddington Hall
Crooked Sprire Chesterfield
Old Royal Naval College
Greyfriars Bobby
Floors Castle
Court Barn Weald & Downland
Thitchfield Weald & Downland
Bayleaf Weald & Downland
Bath Roman Baths