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Hello Maggie!

We’d like to introduce you to Maggie, the Roelofs & Rubens studio dog.

Maggie is a rescue Lollie (or Collador) and at 8 years old she is the youngest member of the team (in human years!). She is a friendly soul and just having her around can help the stress of daily life melt away.

She’s been part of our Roelofs & Rubens family for 6 and a half years. Super friendly, she might try to kiss you on the lips and if anyone is sick or upset Maggie is very intuitive, she can sense what others are feeling and is ready with doggy cuddles to make it all go away.

Being half Labrador Maggie is rather food orientated. There is this famous tale about her eating a loaf tin with bread dough that kept proving in her belly for a day or so, and then eating an entire oven dish of vegetable lasagna to go with it! She loves cucumber, tomatoes, bell pepper, carrots even lettuce. The only thing she won’t eat is celery (she has a point there).

She absolutely hates pheasants, the bane of her life……living surrounded by countryside, there is nothing like the flap of feathery wings to get her attention!

Maggie has an infectious enthusiasm for life which she shares with lots of tail wagging! We have many breakables in the studio like our ceramic hanging decoration displays and works-in-progress, but Maggie has never broken a thing. Not once. Even when the tail wagging reaches high-speed and a small jump is added in, she manages to avoid the decorations, paints and water pots. Helping herself to the odd coffee-break biscuit….now that’s another story!