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Exhibition Success with blu-tack & cable ties!

Do you want to know how we handle exhibitions and events at Roelofs & Rubens? We make sure we have plenty of blu-tack and cable ties!

We recently exhibited at the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate, a well established event that showcases the best of British Craft and Art. Whether you are an exhibitor or a visitor, the BCTF is a great place to network and forge good business relationships, old and new.

With hundreds of makers and a vast range of products, unique eye-catching stand displays are especially necessary – everyone wants to stand out above the rest.

Booking a ‘shell scheme stand’ at the BCTF allowed Piet full creative freedom to make a real impact. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but pre-planning is essential and knowing the exact dimensions of the stand means no nasty surprises when you arrive with your display kit. However, all the pre-planning in the world can still leave you facing challenges that you just didn’t expect. How you deal with these challenges can be the difference between stand build success or failure. To ensure you are up and running in time for opening, everyone who ever exhibits needs to have this one piece of essential kit with them – we call it the emergency box of ‘stuff’.

If you are thinking of exhibiting anywhere for the first time, having an emergency box of ‘stuff’ is the biggest tip we can give you. We recommend that you fill it with blu-tack, cable ties, string, scissors, sticking tape, pen, spare light bulb, stapler….. This ‘stuff’ will literally stop you having a melt down and will solve any last minute stand build problems when a trip to the nearest hardware store is not an option. Having someone like Monty to apply the cable ties that will hold lights in place is also very helpful!

So please remember, selecting the right type of event and organising how you present yourself is very important. You need clear goals, plenty of planning time, a great stand design, an eye catching product display, focused marketing materials and that all important emergency box of ‘stuff’.

You must also smile non-stop for two days even if your feet are killing you.

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