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Terms and Conditions for Wholesale only

1.    Introduction

1.1         ‘Conditions’ means our overarching terms and conditions found here .

1.2         ‘Region’ means a specific geographic sales area for which a Wholesaler is responsible.

1.3         ‘Wholesaler’ means an organisation which sells our Goods to the end users.

1.4         ‘Additional Terms and Conditions for Wholesale, only’ or ‘Wholesale Terms’ means this set of terms and conditions.

1.5         ‘Wholesale Pricing’ means the discounted pricing at which a Wholesaler buys for onward sale to the end users.

2.    What these Wholesale Terms mean

2.1         Wholesale Terms apply only to our appointed Wholesalers and are in addition to our Conditions.

2.2         Where a term in these Wholesale Terms conflicts with a term in the Conditions, the term in this document applies.

3.    Applying to be a Wholesaler

3.1         To apply to become a Wholesaler, an Application Form must be completed, which is available on request.

4.    Wholesaler’s responsibilities

4.1         Upon successful application and payment for their first order, we will appoint the Wholesaler for one or more of our Goods.

4.2         The Wholesaler will have access to the MyAccount section of our Website.

4.3         The first order must be for a minimum of 30 decorations and wholesale Pricing and payment must be made in advance of Delivery.

4.4         We will grant exclusivity for a Region which, depending upon sales, will be renewable annually. We will discuss and agree the expected sales necessary to maintain exclusivity.

4.5         To keep our Goods in best condition for resale, they should be kept in a dry atmosphere.

5.    Liability and Indemnity

5.1         If you purchase the Goods for any business purpose including for re-sale, we will not be liable for any business losses, loss of profits, loss of contracts, loss of business opportunities, loss of management time, loss of business data or losses due to interruption of your business.

6.    Delivery

6.1         Delivery is free of charge within the UK on an order of 30 decorations or more. Lesser value orders attract a delivery charge of £7.50.

6.2         Delivery charges to areas outside the UK are charged separately. We will advise the delivery charges on receipt of an order. If these are unacceptable, the order can be cancelled or the Wholesaler can use its own carrier.

6.3         Delivery charges are subject to change without notice.

6.4         On receipt of the Goods, you must examine them within 7 days and let us know In Writing if they have been damaged by the Carrier. You must include details of the damage with photographs of the goods and their packaging.

6.5         Delivery will be made within 4 weeks of Order Confirmation, unless otherwise advised.

7.    Wholesaler Trading Account

7.1         If the Wholesaler’s references are successful, a 30 day trading account will be awarded which will be subject to a maximum financial limit.

7.1.1      A 3% discount can be applied to the invoice amount if the invoice is paid in full within 10 calendar days of the invoice date.

7.2         If we do not receive full payment within 30 days of invoice

7.2.1        your account will be suspended and interest charged; and

7.2.2        no further orders will be delivered until your account has been fully cleared; and

7.2.3        until a satisfactory trading record has proven, further orders will be by pro-forma invoice.

8.    Our responsibilities

8.1         Individual Goods are not boxed, but the order as a whole will be wrapped generously in cardboard-form bubble wrap in a sturdy cardboard box.

9.    Bespoke Work

9.1         If a Wholesaler commissions a Bespoke Work for its Wholesale sales, there is no charge for the Design.

9.1.1        The minimum quantity is 100 pcs for the first order.

9.1.2        When the Wholesaler confirms acceptance of the Design In Writing, payment in full is due.

9.1.3        Production will not commence until payment has been received.

9.1.4        The minimum repeat order quantity is 50 pcs.

9.1.5        The Wholesaler retains exclusivity of the specific design unless the annual sales for the Bespoke Work falls below 50 pcs.

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