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Our NEW London Collection – Coming Soon

Stone cathedrals and churches, houses and palaces, river crossings and the observation wheel of steel. Taking a walk through London is like immersing yourself in a history of architecture.

Our NEW London Collection is a work in progress and celebrates some of the amazing architectural landmarks in the capital that are worth admiring.

Each one of our beautiful London hanging decorations is hand cut and hand decorated. But before we could even get to the clay cutting stage, Piet worked on a series of line drawings (which are a piece of art in themselves and wouldn’t look out of place hanging on a gallery wall!). These drawings are used to create a template for clay cutting and to also capture the detail that you see on the finished decorations. Piet has turned these iconic structures into beautiful decorations for your home – with a few fun ‘flag wearing’ cats and dogs!

We know there are loads more buildings and structures and vehicles so watch this space as we grow and develop our beautiful collection to really capture the essence of the real London.

This collection is a work in progress and will be available very soon to purchase. In the meantime please let us know what you think and what iconic building represents London for you.