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Our crazy move!

We are excited to announce that we have moved our home and business to West Woodhay.

Packing up was hard because we have lots of stuff and no time to de-clutter due to still fulfilling orders. However, besides the normal craziness of moving, the hardest part is re-establishing some sort of normal. It was all better when we had a sofa to sit on, the tv and internet working and finally some pots to cook with. Only then could we deal with issues such as where should we hang our coats when we walk in? Where is the R&R office space going to be? Which room has the best natural light for painting and where is the pot full of paint brushes?….And where in the world should we put Monty with his kiln (I think you get the picture!).

Everything is up in the air and we have lots of boxes still to unpack. Finding things is a challenge and we make a new discovery everyday. But it is business as usual here at Roelofs & Rubens, we are working around the craziness and mess and loving our new location.

If you’ve got a move coming up, we are wishing you good luck and strenght!

Beaulieu Palace House
Cawdor Castle
Kelmscott Manor
Kew Gardens Palm House
Christ Church College Tom Tower
Danby Gate Oxford
Paisley Abbey
Wells Cathedral
Perth Museum
Perth Art Gallery
Wooden Rollercoaster
Steel Drop Rollercoaster
Loop-the-Loop Rollercoaster
Gretna Green Blacksmiths
The Shrine Walsingham
Fair Isle Jumper Stretcher
Peerie Shop Lerwick
Divinity School Oxford
St Machar's Cathedral
Doddington Hall
Crooked Sprire Chesterfield
Old Royal Naval College
Greyfriars Bobby
Floors Castle
Court Barn Weald & Downland
Thitchfield Weald & Downland
Bayleaf Weald & Downland
Bath Roman Baths