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Monty’s Quality Control

At Roelofs and Rubens, we take pride in our products and we want to make sure that all the decorations we put on shelves and send to customers is the best we can achieve.

To do this, we put our decorations under the microscope. Well, the eyes of our Quality Control Technician, Monty, who can spot an air bubble, colour issue or shape problem much better than any microscope!

From early design sketches to rolling, cutting and drying the clay shapes, to painting, glazing and firing – each development stage of the decoration goes through a quality check to ensure that all details are 100% before we go any further.

Working with clay has its challenges, for instance the balance of glaze and firing at the correct temperature requires skill and technique to avoid uneveness and inconsistent product results. Luckily Monty has mastered this process over the years, so never a wonky shape, dodgy colour or air bubble shall you see in our finished decorations!

Of course, nothing is perfect, and things can sometimes go wrong, which is why we offer excellent customer care. If you’re not happy with your decoration, we’ll understand… please get in touch so we can sort it out for you. Just don’t tell Monty!