Specialised Gifts

We have a long history of designing and making unique ceramic gifts. Plates and wine coolers starting from £495 and tile panels, typically of 4 tiles or more, starting from £295. Interested? Call Monty +44 (0)1488 668154 or +44 (0)7502 158535 or send an email to info@roelofsrubens.co.uk or scroll all the way down and fill in the contact form.

Plate with Manolo Blahnik shoes, very VERY expensive shoes, a plate in the series of ‘Precious Possessions’.

Tiles panel for family kitchen in the Netherlands, a collage of tiles with special meaning for the family.

Plate with Hasselblad camera, the dream of many photographers, another plate in the series of ‘Precious Possessions’.

Special commission gifts for the clientele of Kumbak, roller coaster and amusement engineers. A new tile with (parts of) a rollercoaster is made every year for their regular customers to collect.

Plate with portrait of ‘Ducky the Chicken’ to make up for her untimely departure from this world at the ‘hands’ of our too playful dog.

For a ‘Tulip Aficionado’, platter with a traditional tulip.

For a contemporary tulip lover, a platter with Tulip Graffiti.

‘Interactive Tulip’, bowl with 3 spokes and a lot of ceramic building blocks ea leaves, petals, disks and beads to build your own tulip.

Cloak room with hearts border above the basin.

Lembar Lembar (leaves in Indonesian) tiles panel, matching the blue range cooker.

2 x 70 Fruit Bowl

2 x 70 Plate

2 x 70 Complete Collection

Collection of Bespoke Tiles

Wedding Gift

Wedding Gifts. Transport used for the honeymoon

Both Wedding Gifts together

There is a whole range of bespoke hanging decorations we have developed for various castles, cathedrals, abbeys etc. Have a look at our wholesale page here.