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Ceramics Painting Workshops

We always are looking forward to the ceramics painting workshops.

 It is great opportunity to tell people (and waffle on) about the history of Dutch Delft tiles and about the origins of Christmas decorations.

 We get all our books about the subjects from the bookcase, gather samples and pack a rather substantial number of our very eclectic weird and wonderful Christmas decorations, all for the ‘show and tell’ to inspire the students.

 Every time we meet interesting people, with fun stories to tell and with great skills and/or hidden talents.

Before that stupid pandemic we would teach the workshops in the West Berkshire museum and Shaw House through the West Berkshire Heritage education scheme.

Sadly but not unexpected this is not the case this year so we decided to organise this ourselves because we do not want to miss out again.

Our ‘cottage industry-work from our front room- kitchen-and garage’ situation is not exactly Covid regulations proof so we rented our local village hall. We do hope you can appreciate the rustic set up in the middle of nowhere (very pretty in the middle of nowhere though) but we can make as much noise and mess as we like.  

You will hear a brief history of the Dutch Delft tile. You will learn about the design influences and how the tiles were made and used throughout history for decorative and practical purposes.

Starting with blank, unglazed ceramic tiles, we will teach you all the techniques you need to paint four tiles with your own pattern or design in the Delft tradition. The tiles will be glazed and fired for you in our studio and sent to your home usually within ten working days.

Same goes for the painting of the (Christmas) decorations. We again will tell you fun facts and history about decorative ceramics, show you some exciting samples and help you step by step to create fantastic keep sakes. You can choose 4 blank shapes to paint out of our vast collection. The decorations will also be fired in our ‘firing garage’ and completed with beads and ribbons of your choice.

The duration of the workshops is around 4 hours which will give you enough time to design and paint 4 tiles or 4 decorations AND have a light lunch, prepared for us by the delightful Mrs. B from Mrs. B’s Kitchen. There will be coffee, tea and biscuits too.

That sounds good, right? We really look forward to see you, so do go to our events page to sign up.

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