Bespoke Commissions

Here are some samples of the commissions we have worked on:

Over the years Roelofs & Rubens have done many bespoke commissions. These range from personalisation of our existing products, to completely bespoke designs just for you to celebrate a special occasion.

We can personalise most products from our existing collection with a name, date or message.  Our prices start from £1.00 per letter for a simple name plus the price of the product that will be personalised. For more detailed text, numbers or an image please contact us for a quote.

If you would like us to design and produce a special plate, tile or hanging decoration, we can do that too.  Our clients are always very excited about commissioning a piece of work and to begin the process we ask you to put together a brief with ideas of what you want; like the theme and occasion.

We require at least 2 weeks (from the moment of the initial briefing) to put together your design proposals and quotes.  You will receive a choice of two different design proposals plus no obligation quotes and one evaluation/correction session.

We’d love to hear from you and work with you so please let us know your requirements via email or call us on 01635 253671. You can also fill in the form below and we will be happy to put together a no-obligation quote for you.

Here’s some of the boring stuff!

  • Because of copyright restrictions we can’t copy existing designs.
  • Once the project is signed-off by you, payment is required up-front before any painting work is started.
  • Delivery for single items is usually within 10 working days after payment. For larger projects we ask for 20 working days.
  • Some of our existing patterns are suitable to personalise with a crest or logo but please keep in mind this will be a hand painted version of the crest/logo and might have a different texture than a printed one or a decal.
  • The designs are exclusive to Roelofs & Rubens and we have the right to add the designs to our collection unless an exclusivity contract is agreed. When no exclusivity is needed and we would like to add the design to our collection we will not charge for the design time.